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Residents of Minnesota have several alternatives in terms of colleges.

This new article of ours has the particulars about schools and will help put individuals in contact with colleges and entrance officers around Minnesota. The page is known as MN Schools.

This page has a list of educational institutions in addition to a handy search box where the reader can look up schools in the upper Midwest.

You will recognize many of the institutions included, but there may be one or two that you will not.

If you are considering a Twin Cities or other MN university, you could get more information here.

And if you have some kind of experience taking classes at one of these colleges, we would be interested in hearing your feedback about your experience.

Indiana Wants CPAs

There are a number of first-rate Indiana business training schools. We have produced a new page about that today.

Our site’s newest post is about business colleges in Indiana.

In particular, area schools that provide accounting degrees are discussed at this page.

If you would like find out if you’re right for a particular university, really the best way to do that is to speak about to an admissions official. These guys are able to give you their advice and also familiarize you with their institution. They can let you know if their school would be a good fit or not.

You can always let us know about your past college experiences by writing a simple review of either how good or bad it was.

IL Career Choices

We have a new page that is live on our website today.

On this page, we discuss Illinois accounting career training opportunities.

Along with including a little info about this career and a list of Illinois schools, the webpage also provides an area where the site visitor might include their name and contact information. These details will be provided to any school the student needs to learn more about.

Many of these academic programs require four years to complete, but others are much quicker.

If you are planning on enrolling at a school in Illinois, you could read more at our IL school page right now.

If you have any kind of background taking classes at a school in this state, we would be interested in reading about it. We encourage you to send us any short review.

Newer States

We now have two new pages.

We are hoping that these newest pages may help show individuals around the states of Hawaii and Idaho some of the opportunities with regards to formal education. HI Colleges and ID Colleges are the name of these pages.

Degree options in accounting and business are obtainable at several universities. You will find a list of schools at each of these pages.

You’ll find commuter colleges together with online colleges.

You could look at one of these pages now if you are considering attending school in one of those two states.

Accounting Training in Florida

We have numerous pages on our website, and now we have another one.

This page is for individuals who want to enroll in college in Florida.

Students thinking about going to business school could have a look at a few prospective colleges.

Putting together a brief phone conference with a university counselor is the most reliable approach to know if a particular school is the ideal solution for you. The counselor will focus on your alternatives and provide you their professional opinions.

Just click here to go to that page.

If you have any suggestions for other colleges in Florida, tell us about it.

A Couple Things

The newest pages on our website are pertaining to schools in the Connecticut and Colorado area.

These pages have a couple of elements. They include some basic info on seeking a career in this area, plus they attempt to introduce our readers to a few of the colleges within their state.

On these pages is an area where the reader may input some contact info. Any school the student is interested in will call the student to provide them with more information and answer any of their questions.

The types of degrees given, class times, total cost together with other variables might differ tremendously from one college to another, so check carefully.

If school in Connecticut or Colorado might be in your future, you ought to visit one of these pages:
CT Schools
CO Schools

Do you have a comment concerning the schools mentioned at this page? Take a moment and send it our way.

New Pages

We have three new pages we were working on this week.

These pages were written about three schools in three different states.

These states are Arkansas, Arizona and California.

You can check them out here:


Check out the design

We have released a new version of the website today.

We have completely changed the look and pages.

We can’t guarantee that everything will work perfectly, so if you notice something odd, you could let us know.

The site is now based on WordPress, which should make it easier for us to update.